How to play free online games

By playing free online casino games not only do you refresh yourself, you also gather valuable skills and experience. These skills can help you later in your gambling journey. Sometimes, by playing online games for free on your mobile phone, you can unexpectedly land up a small fortune. The first step in this direction is to first create a free account on gambling sites like .

Of course, you can sign up on other online casinos but first check whether they are licensed or not. A licensed gambling website is safe, trustworthy, and perfectly legal. Please note that you don't have to make any deposits for playing free games. However, should you choose to claim any welcome bonus, you would need to make a minimum deposit with your casino. Please continue reading.

Read Privacy Policy

Before you sign up with your casino, read its Privacy Policy statement that is given out in the bottom part of the home page. This statement should explain how your private data will be stored and managed by the casino. Most gambling websites won't force you to part with your sensitive data like credit/ debit card details, their CVV numbers, etc. They will also not sell your data without your consent.

Online casinos and security

Don't be afraid of security issues while playing casino games for free. Its servers are always protected. Your gambling website is secure thanks to the latest encryption technologies. All your data such as your name, email ID, etc. is encrypted. This means no hacker or cyber criminal can steal your private information. That said, please avoid playing your free games on public WiFi networks.

Play free games on mobile devices

Play your favorite slot, roulette and other games on your iPhone, Samsung, Nokia or Sony phone. Most modern casinos are built with HTML5, so you don't have to download and install your favorite game on your device. Simply type the Unique Resource Locator of the casino and launch it on your Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox supported phone. Take your online slot with you anywhere you go to and play at leisure.

Games that you can play for free

Online slots remain the most popular games among newbies and pros. There are two kinds of slots- Classic and Video. Classic slots have 3 reels and are very easy to play. Roulette is a table based game and is played on a revolving wheel divided into several numbered sections. In Blackjack, the player whose hand total is less than or equal to 21 beats the dealer.